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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Time Tracking Tools to help you track your time

Tracking time accurately is must for any business organisation in order to stay profitable. Proper tracking of time through latest time tracking tools ensure high productivity for the business. High productivity in turn helps in overall financial growth of the organisation along with the growth of its employees.

With time tracking tools employees can easily register time spent on various projects and can also have an overview of the previously done activities. Timesheets can be viewed both on daily and weekly basis hence it becomes quite easy to keep track of overall time spent during a particular time period.

Given below are some of the time tracking tools that offer useful set of features for time tracking and reporting needs of a business organisation.

1. Talygen

In case you are a company which deals with multiple projects and a number of employees then having Talygen time tracking tool is a must for your organisation.

A number of time tracking tools only do basic time tracking and do not provide you with any additional features whereas Talygen comes as a complete package. Besides time tracking it provides you with a number of additional features which can be helpful in your day to day business including ability to take screenshots of your work, messaging, files sharing etc. It provides you with the ability to create invoices and making customized reports. It also works well on any android or ios based device and other popular tablets in addition to linux and mac based machines. You can track time remotely and all you data is stored in a highly secure cloud so you can access it via web or multitude of applications easily. It helps you in tracking your business goals with 100% accuracy.

2. Dovico

Dovico provides you with a number of tools helping you keep your projects working in proper order. It also lets you run multiple reports. It is a professional time tracking tool that comes with sensible features. Moreover the tool does not cost much on your pocket. It provides you with the tools to create invoice, track time and monitor the progress of your clients and workforce. The tool helps in monitoring your project costs, keeping track of your employee sheets and managing expense sheets. The user interface is simple to use and basic things such as project costing, billing, payroll and project management can be carried out easily. The tool can also be tried free for 30 days as part of its free trial.

3. Harvest

Harvest is a simple to use time tracking tool and offer a number of features to its users. The tool lets you invoice your clients besides providing basic time tracking features for your employees. The tool has been specially developed for entrepreneurs and small businesses keeping in mind their business reporting requirements. The tools offered for sending the invoices and creating the estimates are simple to use and are very useful for small businesses.

Harvest also offers you with a stopwatch mode that lets you start and stop the timer manually. The timer continues to run in the background even when the application is closed and is not dependent on the network connection for recording the time.

The tool also comes with an iPhone application that integrates well with the desktop version. The application lets you track time and expenses from a remote location. In case you want to give a try to this tool you can take its free trial and explore all its features before going for the paid version.

4. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is an online voicing tool which is mainly used by freelancers and business owners. This is one of the best invoicing tools available in the market.

You can import database and create customized invoices through Freshbooks. It also let you dispatch the forms by email. The tool comes with an easy to use interface but the features can be increased in proportion to the price of the tool.

The tool offers standard features is quite user friendly. Invoicing can be set up for unlimited number of clients and invoice information can be saved for future use as well. The tool offers an ability to see the invoices which have been sent, viewed and the ones which are under processing. Tracking your outstanding invoices is really easy with this tool and invoices can be re-sent as and when required.